Top 10 Tips For Retirement

CANADA’S ECONOMY Thinking about retirement can be stressful! Here are the top 10 tips to help you prepare for life after labour.

Top 10 Tips For Retirement
It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement.

Use your resources

1. Use your resources – Most employers provide employees with an annual pension and benefits statements. To avoid any unforeseen circumstances approaching your retirement, check the full-time and part-time pensionable services with the departmental pay and benefits coordinator. Keep records of everything!

Start Young

2. Start young – It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement – never! If a financial planner tells you it is too early, go see someone else. Talk to a professional and make a plan that’s fitting for you and your future. Time and compound interest will be your saving grace.

Pay off debts while working

3. Pay off debts while working – Don’t hinder yourself in debt during retirement, work to pay it off sooner rather than later.

Don't touch your savings

4. Don’t touch your savings – The only time you should be touching your savings is to make the numbers grow. By doing so, you’ll probably lose interest and the principal – not worth the risk!

Plan by decades

5. Plan by the decades – Focus on a 10 year plan. Where do you want to be in your 30s, 40s, and 50s? Breaking it up into smaller more achievable goals, will make it seem less daunting and easier to attain.

The Two stages of retirement

6. The two stages of retirement – Before and after 65. Plan for your retirement before but also plan after. Figure out what assets you have that generate income and invest in places where the assets meet your requirements.

Plan of healthcare cost

7. Plan for healthcare costs –As you age, so does your health. Keep yourself healthy, but also plan for incurred medical expenses, as the baby boomer generation is retiring there’s going to be a heavy flux on the system and we need to be prepared for it.

Invest in real estate

8. Invest in real estate – Invest in land, they’re not making any more. Real estate is the purchase of a future income that can be used to build equity with a low risk and build a better portfolio.

Diversify your portfolio

9. Diversify your portfolio – Creating a diversified investment portfolio will help you allocate better use of the resources you do have and create sustainable cash flow, and increase assets.

Review your performance

10. Review your performance – It’s good to keep yourself and your savings in check. Do an annual review, perhaps there are things you never thought to save on before, or ways to increase your income. It never hurts to check!

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